Labels from 1957 to the middle of 1967

7 Ordinary Studio Labels

We started to use this round label as a substitute to  nº 4 around 1957. It is printed on ordinary paper, with a dark blue background and text in white. The entire name is not printed, only Ramírez, forming a quarter of a circle around the border. In the centre you can read: “Instrumentos para rondalla*”.  Diameter,  72 mm.  It is still in use.

*A band of street musicans.

8 Quality Studio Labels

Glossy paper, white background, dark blue ink, with the legend “Guitarras de estudio” clearly visible at the top.Size 55 x 83 mm.  Still in use. It replaced nº 5 in 1957.


Labels for Handmade Guitars

Size 55 x 82 mm.  Matte paper, with a cream coloured background and the text in black ink. The border is light blue, almost grey. This label defines the guitar as being of the very highest quality.
The format and colour are similar to the one before, but the border around it is of a gold colour, and the initials (not the name) are in red. This defines that the guitar is not of the very best quality. Normally they are made by artisans who are still learning their craft and are at the point of receiving the approval of the maestro, José Ramírez, to become fully fledged artisans. The woods used are perfectly cured, but are not of the highest quality, perhaps having a knot or stain.

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